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Photography by James Ireland   


Show Me



Smock Allies Scene + Heard Festival, Dublin, 2020 (work-in-progress)

Photography by James Ireland

A section from the final scene of Show Me Your Wallets 


The beginning of the play has no consequences - and in this final scene it is all about the consequences.


Audience members hum in the dark. Everything goes dark. And we are asked to centre ourselves - listening to each other breathing at the end of the world.

About the play

Welcome to an underground religion worshipping Capitalism in a climate-crisised tomorrow. We worship Money! We worship Paying water charges!! But then… Giant insects enslave everyone!? 

Show Me Your Wallets is an anticapitalist performance for the climate crisis future. Satirical comedy, plenty of (voluntary) audience participation, and an ending that takes us somewhere completely different. 


With Show Me Your Wallets I am aiming to offer an audience a journey through a number of different ways to be cast in theatre/performance spaces - with the ultimate goal of interrogating audience culpability in the future we're creating for this earth. There is plenty of audience interaction to investigate their positions as in-active bystanders (how many awful things can we get the audience to cheer for if we start off by making them think it’s a joke?), plenty of onstage participation in the lampooning of Capitalism by willing volunteers (we literally take their money), and a final movement that aims to drop the fun and games and re-centre the audience members as themselves - existing in a bizarre apocalyptic Anthropocene that they slowly recognise is the present.



Follow our journey with the show, and for news about future performances:

Instagram @ShowMeYourWallets


Copy of Wallets Instagram Poster.png

Theatrical Poster by James Ireland and Kate Bauer

Production team

(Work-in-progress showing)

Performed by Orla Devlin and David Roper-Nolan

Directed by Seán Roper-Nolan

Written by James Ireland

Design by KathyAnn Murphy

Produced by James Ireland

Videography by Charli Matthews


Staged as a work-in-progress at Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin, February 2020, as part of Smock Allies Scene + Heard Festival.


Developed by Smock Allies Scene + Heard and ŠITE Productions. 

Extracts of text previously appeared in and developed by Attention, an anthology produced by MA Writing students with the RCA, and RCA Pluralist Magazine.

Development credits for Scene + Heard: as above

ŠITE Productions: Work-in-progress performed by Saida Ahmed and Madhav Vasantha; directed by Kate Bauer; produced by Sophie Cairns and SHITE Productions.

RCA Attention Anthology: Publication Editors - Yin Ying Kong, Rose Higham-Stainton, Bryony Bodimeade;

Editors - Laura Robertson, Judith Hagan, Nina Hanz;

Copy Editors - George Lynch, Esme Boggis, Fiona Glen.

RCA Pluralist Magazine: Publication Editors - Harriet Welch and Lucy Holt.

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