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Photography by James Ireland   

Plays are SHITE - Shark 4.jpeg

(Daddy Issues)

Performed as part of Plays are SHITE, Token, Dublin, 2023

Photography by James Ireland

About the play

This one's about daddy issues. And time travel.
Oh, and Jesus ****s a shark.

A mad scientist invents a time machine to kill her dad before she was born, to get revenge on him abandoning her as a child. Talk about daddy issues! Only when she uses the machine, a rift in time conjures Jesus (the ultimate poster child for daddy issues, think about it), and also an extinct australian shark that just wants to start a family of his own. And then Jesus and the shark have sex? It only gets more unhinged from there.

First produced as a short play by SHITE Productions (written and performed in 24 hours), this one's got real legs (or fins?) - so keep your eyes open for the full length version currently in development.

Plays are SHITE - time machine.jpeg

Photography by Kate Devaney

Production team

(As a short play)

Performed by Orla Devlin, Simon Geaney, and Seán Roper-Nolan

Directed by Sophie Cairns

Written by James Ireland

Costume by Emily Collins

Produced by Sophie Cairns and SHITE Productions


Staged as a short play, written and performed in 24hrs to a sell-out crowd, at Token, Dublin, October 2023, as part of Plays are SHITE.

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