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 Press and Reviews 

Cooking the Vegan Salmon of Knowledge
Image taken by Simon Lazewski of the experimental live cooking theatre show Cooking the Vegan Salmon of Knowledge by Bradán at Dublin Fringe Festival, supported by PAN PAN Platform, and winner of the Axis Green Arts Award. Written and performed by James Ireland and directed by Kate Bauer.

Cooking the Vegan Salmon of Knowledge has been announced as the winner of the Axis Green Arts Award at Dublin Fringe Festival!


We were also awarded support by PAN PAN Platform for the festival run!

"Part-lecturer, part-masterchef, performer James Ireland emanates warmth and wisdom as they weave tales that transport us to Ireland's forested mountains whilst sharing fascinating histories of the food we take for granted. The vibe is very cosy - imagine being beckoned closer to a campfire... 


a rich complement to the food, grounding, memorialising, and lending a sense of hope that humankind might find a way through environmental catastrophe after all."

- Fringebiscuit - ★★★★

"They carry out their tasks with ritualistic care and you have a sense of watching a scene from an unknown ancient ceremony.

[...] Their engaging smile which envelopes their face every now and again reassures you that you are in the company of a human whose humanity is their driving force not the orthodoxies of any ritual."

- No More Workhorse

Rajesh and Naresh
Still image from play Rajesh and Naresh, as performed by Madhav Vasantha and Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana. Written by James Ireland and the ensemble after an intense devising process. Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana holds Madhav Vasantha in his arms.

The Stage - ★★★★

"funny and charmingly performed with some big, heart-swelling emotional moments, including a tender coming-out scene"

"a heart-on-its-sleeve love story"


Voice Mag - ★★★★★

"Rajesh and Naresh is a must-watch show at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe that entertains and tugs at the heartstrings"

"Vasantha and Ramana both move between moments of vulnerability, to confidence and humorous playfulness, all while retaining the interest and investment of the viewer [...] worthy of praise throughout."


The Student (Edinburgh)

"Vasantha is brilliant throughout. His comic timing is impeccable"

"the human element of the play is truly well crafted, and the heartfelt ending genuinely leaves you feeling happy and satisfied at how it all pans out"

"a wonderful little play [...] if you get the chance to see this show in person, do."

Lobster Emoji (short play)
as part of The Emoji Project at Camden Fringe Festival

"a powerful statement about identity and how representation is controlled by elite groups of coders"

- Reviews Hub

"has something urgent, profound and timely to say"

- LouReviews

Mercury at The New Theatre, Dublin, 2016
Copy of dino2.jpg

"There is a nice touch of magic in the air in this production"


- No More Workhorse

Fireplay at The New Theatre, Dublin, 2015
0 DSC_0135.jpg

"The makings of a repressed masculine reality"


"Amidst the playful fraternal dialogue there are leaps into poetry [...] there are lines wherein Luke declares his brotherly love, beautifully measured by Gleeson, where a golden connection with the audience is truly felt." 

- Musings in Intermissions

My Lover was a Salmon in the Climate Apocalypse (5 of 451).jpg

Staging Change x VAULT Award winner.


"The way this show traverses different forms and keeps you absorbed is a masterclass of gig theatre [...]

Pitch-perfect gig theatre for our time"

- Everything Theatre - ★★★★

"Foot-stomping, fear-raising, and a bundle of climate fury-driven fun, this is how to deliver a message about the climate without almost dropping a beat"

- Binge Fringe - ★★★★

"Brilliantly bonkers, outrageously outlandish, and fantastically funny [...] will have its audience talking about it for days after they watch it."

- All The Dazzles - ★★★★

"A submissive sinking into the absurd, and it packs a chaotic, informative punch."

- The Upcoming - ★★★★

"Informative, energetic, divinely absurd [...] the music is sublime throughout"

- Fringebiscuit - ★★★★

"Musically the three are outstanding. Peregrin's voice is sublime and Flett seems to be able to play all of the instruments ever [...] worth watching for the music alone"

- Lost in Theatreland

"Bradán theatre company is onto something significant with their intimate, confessional style of presentation"

- The Spy in the Stalls

"A ridiculously talented team of musicians take you on a warm but all too real scary story of the climate crisis. The best gig theatre I've seen - 100% recommend"

- Audience testimony

"A show with brilliant music and a massive heart"

- Middle Child gig theatre company

"Bradán theatre has produced my favourite show of the Fringe. So funny and clever and well-written and wonderfully surreal. I loved everything about it."

- Audience testimony

"Absolutely bloody brilliant. A wonderful mix of magic realism and (horrifyingly?) recognisable overwhelming climate anxiety. Absolutely not to be missed."

- Audience testimony


"Some of the most exciting gig theatre we have seen in a while - hilarious and also powerful, will be thinking about that closing monologue for days"

- Audience testimony


"Bizarre and amazing stuff. Eco-political theatre at its best"

- Audience testimony 

My Lover was a Salmon in the Climate Apocalypse

Staging Change x VAULT award winner

The Staging Change x VAULT award is awarded to a piece of work that demonstrates exemplary awareness & consideration of its environmental impact, and celebrates work being made in a way that is environmentally conscious and rooted in the climate crisis.

As part of the award, we will receive bespoke consultation from Staging Change, as well as in-kind press, marketing, and artistic support from VAULT Festival.

Staging Change is a grassroots artist-led organisation, which supports theatre makers responding to the climate crisis.

Whalesong at the Greenhouse Theatre (presented by Patch Plays)

"Patch Plays has provided a magical, atmospheric and incredibly insightful evening. It leaves you feeling everything, from joy to discomposure and gives you an insight into the taboo topic of meat and the environment."


- London Theatre Reviews

Show Me Your Wallets (work-in-progress)
at Smock Allies Scene + Heard, Dublin, 2020

“The experience of sitting down and being part of the play, it was done so beautifully, you were part of the play, you had to be.


And that ending - there’s meditation, but there’s an intense sense of grief for the planet, there’s hope, there’s all these emotions that you as an audience are feeling, it’s incredible.”

- Rudradutt Shukul, Love & Citizenship Podcast, Episode#3 

(Timestamp 12:30-13:30)

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