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Photography by James Ireland   

Christmas Carol 3_edited.jpg

A SHITE Christmas Carol

Produced by SHITE Productions, Theatre Deli, London, December 2023

About the play

A Christmas Carol like you've never seen it before. The legendary Michael Caine is (probably) back and (may be) reprising his iconic role as Scrooge. We assure you nothing could possibly go wrong with this production. Join us for a holiday experience that'll have you questioning the meaning of Christmas.

Unfortunately on the night it turned out that our star actor Michael Caine was unable to make it, but luckily our understudy was able to step in... even if she had had a few too many drinks at a Christmas party earlier in the evening. Thankfully the theatre has a long and storied history of improvisation, and in the chaotic moments of unpredictable understudy antics, the true nature of theatre revealed itself. (Sort of.)

I wrote this play in collaboration with Chat GPT, and with a healthy helping of hilarious ad-libs and asides from the cast.  I also composed two original songs. One was a cheesy singalong Christmas tune for the end of the play, with lots of vocal harmonies by the cast, trombone composed & performed by Elinor Peregrin, guitar, and sleigh bells. The other song was a horrifying solo interruption by a Christmas goose, whose goosey plea not to be eaten for Christmas dinner derails the play until order can be restored. Both went down brilliantly with the audience!

Christmas Carol 6.jpeg
Christmas Magic (demo)James Ireland, Elinor Peregrin, & cast
00:00 / 00:27
Christmas GooseJames Ireland
00:00 / 02:42

Production team

Performed by Kate Bauer, Rory Gradon, Aoife Meagher, Elinor Peregrin, Alexandra Christle, James Ireland, Sophie Cairns

Directed by Sophie Cairns

Written by James Ireland and Chat GPT, after Charles Dickens

Music by James Ireland and cast

Design by Adam Smyth

Lights by Kyra Mumford

Produced by Sophie Cairns and SHITE Productions

Performed in Theatre Deli, London,

December 2023.

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